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High School Graduation: 2024

Andrew Crenshaw

Middle Infielder

Chicago, IL, USA

Tell us about yourself...

My name is Andrew Crenshaw, and I am a 17-year-old senior attending Lindblom Math and Science Academy in Chicago. I am a 6'0, 170lb middle infielder.

Chicago 2023

How did you find out about the eda?

I learned about the EDA program through a combine that I attended in Chicago on October 21st, 2023. Since then, I have been in contact with Coach Derek Del Rosal and heard more about the program and what it entails.


This scholarship means a ton to me; I feel that I have missed out on many recruiting opportunities and chances of exposure because of the financial situation that my family and I are in. High-end showcases like Perfect Game and Prep Baseball Report were never an option because they were just too expensive. I feel this scholarship is finally the chance to be seen and for my name to be heard. Although it is very late in the recruiting process, being a senior, I still hope to get the chance to compete at a high-level college. Since I have four siblings, my parents have to distribute money in different ways to provide for us all, so it is very important for me to get a scholarship opportunity for whatever college I attend and play for.

Share a little bit about your background...

Growing up playing baseball, I was always competing with players who were older than me. I was always the smallest person out of the group in every environment that I was in. Seeing people around me be so successful in baseball and their recruitment made me feel as if I was not good enough to play the sport that I love at a high level. As I got older, my mindset changed; instead of feeling like I wasn't good enough, I was now motivated to work even harder than before. The phrase "No days off" became very present in my life, and I began to do something every day to help me improve as a ball player. As a senior, I have no choice but to play my age group, and I am now seeing that all of the work that I put in is starting to pay off as I can see myself rising above my competition. But by this being so late, I haven't got the exposure that I feel is necessary for me to be seen by colleges. But this hasn't stopped me; it only drives me to improve. With the help of this program, I will be able to reach the goals for which I have worked so hard.

tell us one fun fact about yourself...

A fun fact about me is that I have been a baseball and football fan my whole life; watching and critiquing the sports has always been fun. While I don't see a future in sports analysis, I will always enjoy spreading my knowledge of the game.

What career would you like to do? 

I want to become an economist or a financial analyst when I get older. While I see a future in one of those careers, I want to be active in real estate and have the opportunity to make money outside of work.

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