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High School Graduation: 2026

Braylon Okine

  • Utility

New Albany, OH, USA

Tell us about yourself...

Hello! My name is Kenneth "Braylon" Okine. I'm a 15-year-old sophomore at New Albany Plain Local High School in New Albany, Ohio. I play for the New Albany High School baseball team and the Bo Jackson Elite travel team. I'm a catcher and utility player. My favorite position is catcher, but I can play infield or outfield, depending on where my coach needs me. Last spring and summer season, I typically batted in the 2 or 3 spot. I love being part of a team. I also enjoy weightlifting. My favorite subjects are math and computer programming. My GPA is 3.827, with AP coursework. I'm also a speed Rubik's Cuber. I have learned many algorithms to solve a cube quickly and have competed in regional and national competitions. I also volunteer for activities at my church and children's baseball camps in my community. My favorite players are Aaron Judge, Mookie Betts, Ronald Acuna Jr, J.T. Realmuto, and Francisco Lindor.

Atlanta 2023

How did you find out about the eda?

I learned about the EDA Combine and Program while participating in the P.R.O. Youth Foundation HBCU/ALL Camp and Showcase in Atlanta in September 2023. Coach Derek recruited me.


This scholarship provides me with the resources and opportunities to go to college and play baseball at the collegiate level. What is most meaningful to me is that this scholarship and program connects me to people who care about and want to make a difference in increasing diversity in the talent pipeline for MLB. That's really important to me.

Share a little bit about your background...

I am blessed to come from a two-parent household with parents who have tried to instill values around faith in God, the importance of education, and the importance of character and integrity. They have given me a strong start in life. The biggest challenge I've had to overcome is just being confident in who I am. I grew up in a predominantly white community and spent most of my years playing on teams as the only African American player since Little League. Sometimes that gets a little lonely, and you're just trying to figure out how to fit in. As I have gotten older, though, it's easier. I work really hard to get better at the sport and being a good teammate no matter what. My goal is not to be the best African American player on the team but to be the best player on the team, and instead of fitting in, I work at standing out in positive ethic, kindness, and being the best ball player I can be.

tell us one fun fact about yourself...

I can solve a Rubik's cube in 20 seconds or less.

What career would you like to do? 

MLB Player. If baseball doesn't work out, I'd like to do Cybersecurity Engineering or Cybersecurity Threat Hunting.

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