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High School Graduation: 2025

Mason Sly

  • Left Handed Pitcher

  • First Base

  • Outfielder

Fresno, TX, USA

Tell us about yourself...

My name is Mason Sly. I am a 16-year-old baseball player who attends Fort Bend Hightower High School. I am deeply passionate about baseball and would like to achieve a career in college baseball. I am ready and willing to get to work!

Atlanta 2023

How did you find out about the eda?

At the Atlanta HBCU Camp.


This scholarship means the world to me because I know it will help me achieve my goal of playing college baseball.

Share a little bit about your background...

I have always played with older players. I have always had to compete for everything I earned. I feel I’m very mature for my age and that I have an edge that other players don’t have yet.

tell us one fun fact about yourself...

I collect vinyl.

What career would you like to do? 

A dietitian. 

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