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High School Graduation: 2029

Paris Head

  • Middle Infielder

  • Right-Handed Pitcher

Flossmoor, IL, USA

Tell us about yourself...

Hi, I'm Paris. I am 12 and in 7th grade (Class of 2029). My birthday is February 7th, 2011. I play MIF, mostly Shortstop, and I pitch. I'm from Chicago, IL, and I play for White Sox Ace U13. I attend Learn 8 Middle School and have a 4.0+ GPA.

Chicago 2023

How did you find out about the eda?

Black Baseball Media.


It would mean the world to me. I hope baseball allows me to attend college. I don't believe I will be able to attend without baseball or a scholarship.

Share a little bit about your background...

I am from the West side of Chicago. It is very violent, and I hear gunshots outside my window sometimes.

tell us one fun fact about yourself...

I played for Team USA in Taiwan.

What career would you like to do? 

A professional baseball player or MLB Coach.

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